Every month, a group of current and future social entrepreneurs meet in Greenville, SC to help each other start, grow learn, collaborate, and succeed in our individual ventures. It's usually bright and early on the first Monday of the month. We hope to see you there.

What Is 10-4?

Through monthly meet-ups and events, 10-4 brings people together to:

Spotlight social entrepreneurs in the Upstate and draw others to the space

Build an ecosystem of tools and resources to support people that do good work

Connect the local network with state, regional and national social innovation ecosystems

Social What? From start-ups and non-profits to the grassroots and public office, social entrepreneurs are all marked by a shared sense of passion, persistence and purpose.

Why now? From Charleston to Greenville, interest in social entrepreneurship is spreading across the state. With support from Envision South Carolina, social entrepreneurs are coming together to share best practices and collaborate.

Why here? 10-4 Good City brings this movement to the Upstate by creating a space for people to learn more about the field and explore new ways to solve problems with people, the planet and the bottom line in mind.

When? The first monday of every month, from 7:30-9AM. Good things happen when people gather early to get things done. For early-morning inspiration, Vagabond Barista will be on hand brewing coffee.

At the end of the meeting let's plan on discussing what everyone wants from this group and what we can do to make it as useful as possible.

The next Event is May, 26th